Wildwood Montessori School Plans For Reopening Fall 2020

Wildwood Montessori School- Reopening Plans to Provide a Dynamic Montessori Education

Reopening of in-person instruction

It is our goal at Wildwood Montessori School to reopen for in-person instruction at the start of the 2020-21 school year, on September 8th, 2020. For families who wish to continue remote learning or a hybrid of in-person and remote learning we will provide these options as well. Our school building is large enough to social distance all current students and staff 6 feet apart, therefore providing all enrolled students with in-person instruction if they so choose.

In developing this plan, school administrators, teachers, current parents, Wildwood Montessori School Board of Directors, members of the community, local health care providers and health departments were consulted to develop the most comprehensive plan imaginable. As we move forward, we will continue to consult the above parties to provide the best quality education that we can while doing our part to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Capacity- As a small school community of 25 students and 2 staff members in one large classroom, our current building is a large enough space to social distance appropriately (6 feet apart) all students and staff for in-person instruction for all of our currents students who wish to return to in-person instruction.

Social Distancing- In our classroom all desks have been spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart and clear partitions, in accordance with OSHA guidelines, have been purchased for added safety measures. For special activities such as singing, aerobic activities resulting in heavy breathing, students will be spaced 12 feet apart to comply with health guidelines.

PPE and Face Covering- Face coverings will be worn by all students and staff upon entering our school building each day. Face masks will be worn while in our entry/cubby room at all times and inside our classroom when students and staff cannot maintain appropriate social distancing of 6 feet. Our building does not have any hallways or high traffic areas, other than the entry, however students and staff must be prepared to put on masks if another person unexpectedly cannot social distance. Students and staff will be trained on how to adequately put on, take off, clean, and discard face coverings. Appropriate face coverings include but are not limited to cloth based face coverings and surgical masks that cover both the mouth and nose. At no time shall face coverings be shared.

Operational Activity- Students will be socially distanced 6 feet apart during instruction and meal times. Students will be placed into 2 fixed cohorts inside of our classroom to further limit potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Students will be limited to sharing objects. Students will have their own writing materials, desks, lockers, cubbies, etc. Sharing of materials will be limited to students within their fixed cohort. As a small school, we do not currently have any shared spaces (ie. cafeterias, libraries, playgrounds, gymnasiums, etc.) except for our classroom. All field trips and congregate events hosted inside our school building will be postponed until COVID-19 pandemic has passed and no longer a risk to public health.

Restart Operation- Our school building has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the DOH and CDC guidelines. Windows have been opened to promote outside air flow and ventilation.

Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection- Classrooms, entry way/cubby room, and all heavily used school areas will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with DOH and CDC guidelines, each afternoon at the end of the school day. Restrooms will be cleaned periodically throughout the day, as needed. A thorough, deep clean of the school building and grounds will be conducted one day per week. Windows will be opened as much as possible to increase ventilation with outdoor air. Hygiene stations will be located throughout the classroom as well hand sanitizer. All students and staff will continually receive hand and respiratory hygiene training throughout the school year, as well as parents, to help reinforce proper hygiene at home to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Cleaning logs will be maintained with the date, time, and scope of cleaning and disinfection.

Extracurriculars- At this time we currently do not offer any extracurricular activities.

Before and After School Care- At this time we currently do not offer any before or after school care.

Vulnerable Populations- Vulnerable populations who are at increased risk and those who do not feel comfortable returning to in-person educational environments will be offered remote learning opportunities equivalent in-person instruction. As all of our students are enrolled in early learning programs (pre-school and elementary), we will space the students and staff 6 feet apart for all instruction to minimize the use of masks worn while learning.

Transportation- We will follow all guidelines by the state transit and those set forth by the Camden Central School District who provides our transportation services, including but not limited to; all students and staff wearing a mask at all times on the bus and social distancing all students while on the bus. We are also encouraging parents to transport or walk students to reduce bus capacity.

Food Services- As in the past, students and staff will bring their own snacks and lunch from home. As always, students will wash their hands with soap and warm water before eating snack or lunch. After students have finished eating lunch, they will again wash their hands with soap and warm water. No food or drink sharing will be allowed unless students from the same household. All students will be properly social distanced (6 feet apart) while eating at their own desks in the classroom. As always, desks will be cleaned and disinfected after eating.

Mental Health, Behavioral, and Emotional Support Services and Programs- We understand that the transition back to in-person instruction may be difficult for students and staff. All staff members have been instructed to continually observe and monitor students and other staffs behavior, looking for changes or abnormalities. We will continue our previously established mindfulness programs to help students and staff learn coping skills and seek support. If parents or staff identify any individual struggling mental health, behavior, and emotional issues, parents, guardians, and staff will be provided with a list of local resources and referrals to help with the issue.

Communication- Information about the upcoming school year, as well as ongoing communication throughout the school year will be provided to parents and staff through the previously established Remind app and email. All plans for the reopening of our school will be posted on our schools website. Required signage with proper face coverings, hand and respiratory hygiene, and social distancing requirements will be posted throughout the school building.


Screening- Temperature checks will be conducted for all students, staff, and any visitor to the school, prior to entering the building daily. Students and staff will be directed to an area for temperature checks before proceeding in the building. If the individual has a temperature greater than 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit, the individual will be denied entry to the building or sent to the dedicated isolation area prior to being picked up by a parent or guardian. Students who are being dropped off to school will receive a temperature check before parents, guardian, or caregivers leave the child and will be required to take the child home if their temperature is higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents will not be permitted into the building during pick up or drop off. During morning drop off, parents will proceed to the indicated area with their child for temperature checks and then leave the grounds once children pass temperature screening. At afternoon pick up, parents will proceed to the designated area to pick up their child. Parents, staff, and students must be wearing face covering during pick up/drop off at all times they are not 6 feet away from others. All parents will be asked to conduct a temperature check on their child each morning before school and to keep their child at home if a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit is present. A daily health screening questionnaire will be used by employees reporting to school and a periodic use of a health screening questionnaire for students to be answered by parents.

Testing Protocols- Symptomatic individuals will be sent home immediately with a list of testing sites and required to see a health care provider. (Symptoms currently include Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea.) Individuals will not be permitted to return to school until a negative test is received. Any individual who was in close contact of a COVID-19 confirmed individual will be asked to remote school from home for 14 days before returning to school. Any individual with recent travel internationally or within a state with widespread transmission of COVID-19 as designated through the New York State Travel Advisory will be required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to in-person school.

Testing Responsibility- A list of local health department testing site, physician offices, and hospital systems has been developed and will be updated with all current testing sites and provided to parents and staff shall they need to seek testing.

Early Warning Sign- We will follow all metrics established by the state and local health departments that positive COVID-19 cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level. Positive COVID-19 cases in our local area will be monitored daily and all guidance from the state and local health departments will be followed should it be deemed that positive COVID-19 cases are at an unacceptable level, including the shut down of school buildings and in-person learning.


School Health Office, Isolation, and Collection- Care of students/staff who are suspected of having COVID-19 while at school, will be isolated in the designated isolation area of our building and cared for by our school nurse who will be provided with proper PPE; face shield, mask, gloves, and gown. Parents/staff members will be asked to pick up their children/family member immediately and instructed to do so at the side door of our building so suspected COVID-19 positive individuals will not come in contact with any other individual at the school. Parent and staff members will be given a list of COVID-19 testing sites with instructions that they must be seen by a health care provider before returning to school.

Infected Individuals- Students/staff who have tested positive must complete isolation and have recovered, and will not transmit COVID-19 before returning to in-person learning. Documentation from a health care provider, a negative COVID-19 test, and symptom resolution is needed before individuals will be able to return to school. Discharge from isolation and return to school will be conducted in coordination with the local health department.

Exposed Individuals- Individuals who were exposed to the COVID-19 virus must complete quarantine and have not developed symptoms before returning to in-person instruction. Discharge from quarantine and return to school will be conducted in coordination with the local health department.

Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection- We will adhere and promote hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection guidance set forth by DOH and CDC, including strategies for cleaning and disinfection of exposed areas and appropriate notification of occupants of such areas. We will follow all guidelines on “Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility” if someone is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19. All areas used by the suspected or confirmed person will be closed off. Windows will be opened to increase air circulation in the area. We will wait 24 hours to clean and disinfect the area, unless waiting 24 hours is not feasible, in which case we will wait as long as possible. All areas used by suspected or confirmed COVID-19 person will be cleaned and disinfected. Once the area has been appropriately cleaned and disinfected, it will be reopened for use. We will work in coordination with state and local health departments to determine the best course of action to take to limit further potential exposures including the closure of school if deemed necessary.

Contact Tracing- State and local health departments will be notified immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result from an individual within school facilities or grounds.

Communication- All protocols and safety measures taken by our school in a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 will be shared via the Remind app, email, or written paper with parents/guardians and staff. Information will be shared to the local community via the schools website.


Closure Triggers- We will comply with all current state and local health departments guidance to determine conditions that may warrant reducing in-person instruction or closing of the school building. In compliance with current state guidelines, our school will open and stay open if the daily infection rate remains below 5 percent using a 14 day average. Furthermore, our school will close if the regional infection rate rises over 9 percent using a 7 day average, or whatever the current state and local guidelines instruct. If it is deemed necessary to have an emergency closure parents/guardians/caregivers will have 1 hour to pick up their students. Communication for such events will be sent via the Remind app.

Operational Activities- Should our school operations need to be decreased or ceased, full academic services will be provided for our students, Pre-K-6th grade remotely. Depending upon the closure, full or limited, remote instruction will be conducted either with a hybrid of remote and in-person instruction or complete remote instruction. Students will be provided with engaging academic activities congruent with the hands on learning model we use in the classroom.

Communication- Internal and External communication in the case of a closure will be provided via the Remind app.

Wildwood Montessori School Designated COVID-19 Coordinator: Lydia Lynch
She will be the point person for students, staff, parents, and state and local health departments.
Contact Information:
Phone Number: (315) 717-8508
Email: lydialynch24@yahoo.com