Education Success!

Here’s a great video for anyone interested in education. When my oldest daughter was about to begin school I started looking into schools that offered an alternative approach to the traditional school model. Naturally, this research evolved into me looking at other countries and their educational systems.

During my research Finland stood out among all the other countries. In this video you’ll see why.

Wildwood T-Shirt Fundraiser!

We’re excited to announce our first fundraiser of the school year. We will be selling t-shirts! We’ve done our best to pick a design that appeals to everyone, not just those affliated with Wildwood. We will be selling t-shirts in Men’s, Women’s, Youth, and Toddler sizes. All t-shirts are preshunk. The women’s t-shirt is more fitted with a contoured silhoutte. If you’re worried about fit I would suggest sizing up one size. Youth and Toddler sizes are $15 and Women and Men sizes are $20. An order form is attached in a photo but if you would like to order you may also email us at with sizes and mail a check made out to Wildwood to 13 Voorhees Ave. Camden, NY 13316.  We will be collecting orders until Wednesday March 15th. Payment is due at the time of the order. After all orders are collected it will take about 3 weeks for processing before yours will be ready for delivery.

Here are some photos of our shirts as well as the order form. Thanks for stopping by!




Lewis Manor visit our students!

We had the most adorable visitors this week from Lewis Manor Labradoodles!! All of our students had permanent smiles on their faces!! The puppies undergo extensive puppy socialization program to prepare for their work as therapy and service dogs and we were lucky enough to be one of the places they visited as part of their training!!!

You can check out Lewis Manor Labradoodles at their website :

Here are a few photos of our students enjoying the puppies:



I love to read articles on education, specifically how education is changing and inventive approaches to education. Most recently I’ve  been reading a lot about “micro-schools”, some people refer to them as modern day one room school houses, and I’m fascinated by how similar the approach is to Montessori education. Both types of schools utilize mixed age classrooms with a small number of students. The curriculum is highly individualized for each student in both of the types of school as well.Here are two great articles about micro-schools if you’re interested: